A Blog Post About Not Blogging

So it turns out that blogging is hard, who knew?! It seems like such a great idea when you have two things you have a burning desire to write about, and then four months pass and you haven’t written shit! You dedicate your blog to all these things you really care about, but that you also think people will find interesting. Why would you ever overthink something so much when you have never done it before? I mean all I want to write about right now is food. I LOVE food, but that’s not one of my themes so I can’t write about it. Screw that, I just had some amazing Indonesian Rendang and other Myanmar food, and I will write about it. BUT before that, I want to finish making my first point. Don’t dedicate your blog to all these ideals, just write. To prove it, here is my list of “blog posts to write” which I obviously haven’t written even though they follow my ideals. I do still plan to write some of them, eventually…..

Blog post list

  • Badass mouse optimization (anyone actually want to read this?!)
  • State Machines and their relation to AngularUI Router
  • Why are so many error messages (API) so shit?
  • Mindfulness and my draws to Buddhist philosophy
  • Wandering around in Myanmar, random people enriching your life unexpectedly
  • Minimum Loveable Product (MLP) versus Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (Emotional versus Functional)
  • Thoughts, diet and family
  • Bring all notifications into Slack, everything!
  • Jedi and meditation - If you meditate you’re basically a jedi
  • Discounting past data when making decisions
  • Customer development dampens the oscillation of product / tug of war between product and vision (feet on the ground versus head in the clouds)

Other random learnings

  • Being a perfectionist is just wrong. In the famous, now cliche, words of Zuck, “done is better than perfect.” When it comes to procrastination, perfectionism is the Ace of Spades - so just leave it out of your deck all together.
  • If you are writing a personal blog, that should mean you like writing. Set aside discrete time for it. Finding time for yourself shouldn’t be that hard. cough Shameless plug to this ‘fantastic’ post about meditation.


Now that I’ve gotten this far - I’m over-thinking it all again. I wrote all the text above this point yesterday, and that is when I wanted to write about food. I don’t really feel like writing about it anymore. Consider this post the “do whatever you want” of blogging. And honestly, even writing this post makes me realise how true that really is. Also, did your grammar teacher never teach you to never start a sentence with “and” (may “also” as well?), well I just did and guess what - Imma let it slide. Viva la (blogging) revolucion!

In conclusion: when you start blogging, be flexible, don’t restrict yourself unnecessarily and enjoy the process - the joy is in the journey after all (and the millions of page views right? :P )